Terms & Conditions

The following terms and condition are provided so that you and I both have an upfront and honest understanding of what is involved in the process of working together. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please get in contact with me so I can provide clarity and reassurance.

1.1 These terms and conditions apply to any work done on behalf of the Client (you) by me, Granite Editorial. 

1.2 I will provide writing support, editing, or marketing support services agreed upon (in writing) by myself and the client.

1.3 The Client is under no obligation to offer me work; neither am I under any obligation to accept work offered by the Client.

1.4 The work will be carried out unsupervised at such times and places as determined by me, using my own equipment.

1.5 The work will be carried out by my. I will not subcontract projects, or parts of projects, to third parties.

1.6 Granite Editorial may use your name and an image of and/or link to your book on our website and social media channels. If you do not want this to happen, please inform Granite Editorial in writing (including email) as soon as possible.

1.7 I confirm that I am self-employed, am responsible for my own income tax and National Insurance contributions, and will not claim benefits granted to the Client’s employees.

1.8 I am not VAT registered.

1.9 The contract of service required that the client acknowledges, in writing (including email), that they have read, understood and agreed to these terms and conditions. 

2.1 Prior to commencement of the project, the Client and I will agree, in writing (including email), the terms of the project, including, where applicable:

  • The medium in which the project will be carried out (e.g. in Word, on PDF, using videoconferencing software)
  • How the material will be annotated (e.g. Track Changes in Word, BSI symbols on paper)
  • The estimated length of time required to complete the project including the latest date the project will be returned to the client
  • A fee for the project
  • Any expenses (e.g. postage) that the Client will bear in addition to the cost of the project
  • The date by which the material should be delivered by the Client to me

2.2 Please note that if, on receipt of or in the early stages of work on the project manuscript, it becomes apparent that significantly more work is required than had been anticipated in the preliminary discussion/brief or from the sample supplied, Granite Editorial may renegotiate the fee and/or the deadline, or decline to carry out the work.

2.3 Granite Editorial’s services do not include checking for copyright or other legal issues. As the author, it is your responsibility to ensure you do not breach any laws including, but not limited to, copyright laws and the publication or incorrect or defamatory information. Granite Editorial accepts no liability for any action raised as a result of the above.

3.1 A quotation for the work will be provided by Granite Editorial to the Client. For editing work, this will be provided following an evaluation of a representative sample of the manuscript to be worked on. For writing and marketing work, this will be provided following a discussion with the Client as to what is required. 

3.2 Quotes will be valid for 30 days provided no significant changes are made to the manuscript and/or scope of work.

3.3 Once the fee has been agreed between Granite Editorial and the Client, it is non-negotiable unless the Client extends the work count or scope of the job, or requests additional services. In this case, a revised quotation and job-completion date will be negotiated. 

3.4 The Client will pay Granite Editorial a fee per 1,000 words OR per hour OR an agreed flat fee for the project, as agreed in writing. 

3.5 On agreement of the full fee, Client’s for editing services will be sent a booking form and an invoice for a £50 non-refundable booking fee. This fee will be deducted from the final balance. 

3.6 The booking form and non-refundable booking fee must be received before the Client’s start date has been confirmed. If Granite Editorial has not received these within 7 days from sending, the date will be made available for others to book.

3.7 Editing services will be charged at 50% of the fee in advance of work beginning and 50% due following the completion of work (less the £50 non-refundable booking fee). Invoices must be paid within 14 days. 

3.8 Unless otherwise agreed, the fee quoted is for one pass of a manuscript. Additional passes following author amendments are considered new projects, the terms of which will be agreed separately.

3.9 Granite Editorial may, at its discretion, agree payment pans for longer manuscripts or for repeat clients.

3.10 Patients booking writing and/or marketing calls will be sent a booking form and an invoice for the full cost at the time of booking. The full fee must be paid within three days from sending, or the booking will be assumed cancelled and the date/time made available for others to book.

3.11 Clients using the Author Accountability service will be sent an invoice in the final week of each month, to pay for the upcoming month. Payment must be made before the 1st of the month. The first payment will be pro-rated depending on the start date chosen by the Client. 

3.12 The Author Accountability service is a monthly rolling service and payment must be made each month to continue using the service. 

3.13 Clients wishing to cancel their access to the Author Accountability service should do so in writing (including email) to Granite Editorial. The Client will continue to have access to the end of the calendar month they are currently in. Refunds will not be given for partial months.


5.1 Both the Client and Granite Editorial have the right to terminate a contract for services at any time if there is a serious breach of its terms.

5.2 The Client is free to cancel a service for any reason by providing Granite Editorial with written notice (including email). Granite Editorial must acknowledge this cancellation in writing (including email) for this to be valid. 

5.3 Granite Editorial may cancel a service at any time for any reason by providing written notice (including email) to the Client. In the unlikely event that Granite Editorial cancels a service, it will provide a pro-rated refund of any fees paid (including the non-refundable booking fee).

5.4 In the unlikely event that the Client is touched by extraordinary or difficult circumstances that cause cancellation or delay (e.g. family crisis, illness, bereavement), the Client should contact Granite Editorial to discuss the options available. This may include, where possible, rearranging the project for a new date. Granite Editorial aims to be fair and supportive of Client’s circumstances.

5.5 In the unlikely event that Granite Editorial is touched by extraordinary or difficult circumstances that cause cancellation or delay (e.g. family crisis, illness, bereavement), I will contact the Client in writing at the earliest opportunity to inform them and reach a resolution. This may include renegotiating the time frame of the project, or finding an alternative supplier to complete the project.

5.6 Cancellation during the project: If the Client cancels work during the project (e.g. after work has begun on editing a manuscript) or on the day of a writing/marketing support call, Granite Editorial reserves the right to invoice for 100% of the agreed fee. 

5.7 Cancellation prior to project commencement: If the Client wishes to cancel with less than two week’s notice, Granite Editorial reserves the right to invoice for 50% of the agreed fee. If the Client wishes to cancel with over two weeks notice, the booking fee will not be refunded but no other charges will apply. 

6.1 The nature and content of the work will be kept confidential and not made known to anyone other than the Client and Granite Editorial without prior written permission.

6.2 Granite Editorial will not, under any circumstances, upload the Client’s files to external websites or distribute them to third parties unless specifically authorised to do so, in writing, by the client.

6.3 Unless otherwise asked, Granite Editorial will securely store a backup copy of both the original and the edited manuscript for 12 months in case of failure with your own system.

6.4 Under the terms of the Data Protection Act 1998, the Client and I may keep on record such information (e.g. contact details) as is necessary. Either may view the other’s records to ensure that they are relevant, correct and up to date.

6.5 All content delivered to my by the Client for the proofreading or editing project is owned by the Client. 

6.6 In respect of 6.5, the Client agrees to hold Granite Editorial harmless from and against all claims, liabilities and expenses arising out of any potential or actual copyright or trademark misappropriation or infringement claimed against them.

6.7 This agreement is subject to the laws of Scotland. and both the Client and Granite Editorial agree to submit to the jurisdiction of Scottish courts. 

6.8 The exclusive venue for any arbitration or court proceeding based on or arising out of this Agreement shall by Aberdeen, Scotland.

7.1 While Granite Editorial will make every attempt to return an error-free document, perfection is impossible to achieve and we cannot guarantee that no errors will remain. It is the responsibility of the Client to check the final version of the manuscript before publishing, and Granite Editorial accepts no liability for any errors in the final manuscript. 

7.2 If the Client is not satisfied with the work carried out on their manuscript, they should contact Granite Editorial as soon as possible to discuss how the situation will be rectified. 

8.1 Granite Editorial welcomes new client referrals from existing clients. As a token of appreciation, following the completion of a developmental, line & copy or proof edit by the new client, both authors will receive a £50 discount.

8.2 New clients will be asked in the booking form if they have been referred by an existing client. The name of the referrer must be declared on the booking form at the time of booking for the referral to be valid. 

8.3 Following the completion of the new client’s developmental, line & copy or proof edit, a £50 discount will be applied to their final invoice. 

8.4 Following the completion of the new client’s edit as outlined in 8.3 and payment of the final invoice, the existing client will be contacted in writing and informed that they have received a £50 discount. 

8.5 Existing clients can apply their discount to future developmental, line & copy or proof edits. Discounts may be added together, to a maximum of £250 per project. 

8.6 The £50 discount has no cash alternative and will only be applied to upcoming projects by Granite Editorial. It cannot be backdated to projects which have already been paid. Any discount not used within two years will be forfeit. 

8.7 Granite Editorial reserves the right to update, amend or withdraw the Author Referral Scheme at any time without prior notice.